Codename: Tooth Fairy

Yes… it’s a moment. Moving right along… The child has now lost 2 teeth in the space of 5 weeks. We are both going to the dentist tomorrow, mummy’s cleaning in solidarity for his check up and constant question “is the dentist going to hurt me?” .. that’s where my sympathy ends. Let me tell you about my new covert mission as the Tooth Fairy.

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The psychology of doors…

So I had a moment a little while ago. No, not one of those. This was more like an epiphany. You ever seen any of those photo spreads where pets and their owners really look alike? They are out there on the interwebs somewhere, I’m just too lazy to look right now. And for the record, if I ever start to look like my dog, I will be consulting the finest plastic surgeon around. No droopy jowls for me. But I digress… Continue reading

Mummy, I’m a big boy now…

Last day of the school year. WE MADE IT!!!

I watched with pride this morning as he stood in front of the closet in deep concentration… “Mummy which shirt should I wear to the party?” He finally settled on the blue plaid and jeans shorts, paired with his light up Toy Story sneakers.

At the school gate we stopped to talk to another parent and his teacher. While the adults conversed he tapped my leg and asked quietly “Mummy can I go to my classroom?” I could only nod as he kissed my cheek, took his water bottle and told me he would see me later.

My little baby is officially gone.

No, I’m still not having another one.