Moving Day… again…

Since I turned 17, I’ve been somewhat of a nomad. 13 years later, not much has changed. So my friends and family are not surprised when I announced yet again, “Hey guys, I’m moving!”. One cousin actually looked and answered before the sentence was finished and said “I’m not moving any furniture upstairs AGAIN!”. I understand his pain, he’s helped me moved three times before and in two different countries – and I do have a thing for second floor apartments, blame it on the views.

It’s a little different this time… I’m not alone.  A little over six months ago, my son changed my life in a way I would have never imagined. My tiny one bedroom quickly became a little “close”, to say the least, as he accumulated quite a bit of stuff even before he arrived! Now that he’s starting to move around on his own, the space issue has hit me square in the face. So, with his needs in mind as well as my wishlist of price and location, the search began.

By the end of week one, I was thoroughly demotivated. Yes, I know these things take time, but the housing market for rentals had some prices that I couldn’t stomach even if I earned twice as much as I do now (I have commitment issues, so no buying for now). Location drives price in this city in a way that is so unreal – the same type of property in parts of town that are 10 mins apart have 200% price differences. It took me a while to accept that this was going to be a difficult search, but I dug in and kept looking. Then came the dream…

Just happened to have a dream one night about an apartment very similar to one where a friend happens to live. The dream was so vivid! A HUGE 2 bedroom apartment with a private garden and the perfect price! I woke up with such a good feeling that throughout the day as I skimmed real estate listings and websites I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then, I saw the address in a website listing. I clicked and there it was! The very same apartment from my dream!! Then I read the listing – if only the price in real life was as great as the price in my dream. The 30% increase over the price of my dreams was an immediate let down. At that point I turned to Twitter and shared my frustrations with my dear followers. A few commiserated, and then came the DM that changed it all. A friend messaged about a townhouse available in the exact same neighbourhood, wait for it… for the exact price in my dream!! She sent pictures and details and needless to say within minutes I was replying telling her I’d take it. My son will get his nursery after all 🙂

Then came giving my landlord notice, with a catch. The place wouldn’t be available till June 1. Due to current drought conditions here and water restrictions, I’ve been “squatting” at my mom’s house. The couch has a lot to be desired next to my queen-sized Serta pillow top, but the water supply here is better and more consistent and the baby’s needs come before my comfort. Realizing that I was essentially throwing away money keeping my apartment in the interim I made the decision to put my furniture and stuff in storage and save up for the move.

It just so happened my best friend was also looking for an apartment and since I wasn’t really living there, I offered her a crash pad while she looked. It had been a challenge helping her look since she was fixated on a particular part of town. Despite my apartment being on the opposite side of town, she was sold and after speaking to my landlord, she had a new home. Now came the task of moving…

So little by little I packed up my life into assorted boxes and bins… lots of memories, lots of tape and newspaper. Searching for storage was a chore as that kind of thing isn’t very popular here, but I did luck out when a friend of a friend’s dad gave me a sweet deal for his new storage business. So one moving crew, 3 stops and 3 hours later, my life is now stored in half of a 20′ container – that packing was a science and quite amazing to watch. So as I continue to “squat”, I look forward to moving in day much more than I did to moving out. Coming up with ideas for my son’s room, animals all the way is soooo exciting! Yes, I’ve come up with a pretty sweet bedroom for myself as well and bought a new sofa and love seat.

It’s a new beginning for us both and I’m looking forward to really making a home for my son and I. He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me in life and I understand now why people are willing to move mountains for their children – they are the greatest blessing and simply amazing. Up next… babyproofing!


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