New mom, new cravings… Thanks Paula Deen

With a long family history of diabetes, being pregnant was by no means fun. The first thing my OB/GYN did as she confirmed my “knocked up” status was send me to a nutritionist who proceeded to put me on the diet from HELL. No carbs before 11am, 4oz of fruit juice per day, “all the green veggies you want” and other assorted nightmares. My cheeseckae and ice cream cravings were often met by tears as those lovely, wonderful things were at the very top of my NO list – the agony!!

On the bright side however,  I do weigh 15lbs less than BEFORE I got pregnant and my grand total weight gain was 6lbs, as I lost 20+lbs to begin with. The weight loss and managing to stop the onset of gestational diabetes and lessen the risks for both my son and I are things I will always be grateful for, despite the trauma caused because I LOVE FOOD!

Pumpkin Face

Being at home for the duration of my maternity leave gave me a LOT of TV watching time especially since my little one appreciates his sleep just as much as his mommy does. Food TV is my new obsession! Even on a full stomach, it is near impossible not to watch and feel as if you haven’t eaten in days. Now that my little one has started to eat solid food, I have the overwhelming urge not just to eat everything on the TV but to try and cook/bake everything as well. Not blowing my own horn, but I’m a pretty good cook to start with as my nanny growing up made sure that us girls knew how to cook, clean, wash and iron before she sent us out into the world.

Somewhere in the past few months, my love affair with Paula Deen developed. The woman is hilarious! I’m convinced she’s out to give the world heart attacks from all the butter and fried food, but you can’t deny that it’s soooo goooooood. I find myself trying to catch her as often as I can and looking up my favourite recipes online and using my family as guinea pigs. So far, they aren’t complaining. I’m now obsessed with finding the perfect cast iron dutch oven. I’ve finally found the perfect mac ‘n’ cheese recipe, among other treats and I’m actually enjoying cooking at home for the first time in a long time. Living on my own for so many years, I’d become the queen of takeout. I can order a mean chicken marsala, and some excellent chinese… even sushi. These days however, I want to make them all at home instead. My mom has jumped on the bandwagon too, she’s the baker however – everything from cupcakes to bread. Her story is she is practicing making treats for her grandson 🙂

As I go along, I’m really looking forward to cooking for my son and feeling out his tastes – I hope he has mommy’s love of Jamaican and Italian food. It’s so exciting watching him grow – so far pumpkin, squash and sweet potatoes are his hands down favourites. Experiments carrots and peas didn’t go very well, but I’m optimistic. He doesn’t mind gnawing on celery however, but I’m gonna chalk that up to him teething and it was handy for him at the time. His two little teeth are getting a workout 🙂 He has two more coming up now and the drool everywhere is a small price to pay to see a little person grow and discover new things. Makes me wonder why I never wanted kids… but that’s another story, for now it’s all about the adventures in cooking and crawling.



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