Sing it for me Nina…

I realize that it’s high time to give up my nomadic tendencies. It’s been a pretty hectic week filled with new beginnings. New relationships that I pray will grow into what they should be, new challenges, and most welcome – a new home. I have some truly awesome parents, especially since in two days they helped me accomplish a task that typically takes me the better part of 6 months. My mom and her penchant for over-organizing accomplished the amazing feat of unpacking my entire kitchen in one afternoon – she might need to give me a map. That and making sure at least snacks and drinks were in the empty fridge were definitely a huge help in getting it all done. My dad turned into the Incredible Hulk of Neatness and made sure every box was unpacked, broken down and taken to the dump. Hanging pictures and getting his electrician to install my fridge, stove and washer/dryer are definitely some of his superpowers. Save for 2 or 3 boxes and a few odds and ends, the job of moving house, arranging furniture and unpacking boxes is complete. Once I do some grocery shopping tomorrow, I will be kicking off my shoes and doing the happy dance. Painting, moving, installing appliances, unpacking boxes and figuring out what goes where is a truly a challenge. Now that I’m not just moving myself, all things being equal and the universe smiling favourably on us, my son and I have a real home to call our own.

So far, little man really likes his new room. He’s already on a mission to disassemble his crib and use the windows for a jungle gym. Hopefully he will like it enough that I can sleep in my own bed by myself for a change. Admittedly, I’ve spoiled him in that regard but it hurts my heart more than my ears to hear him cry when he wakes up in the middle of the night. At that point I scoop him up and we snuggle down in mommy’s bed and are back to dream land. I know that one day (soon!) I’ll have to put my foot down and make him sleep in his own bed, but he’s good company especially since it’s just the two of us in the house. Note to self: get him a nightlight!

The reality of single motherhood has really set in now with this move being almost complete. I’ve gotten used to other people being around in the evenings and at nights while we’ve been staying at my mother’s house. I know that evenings and nights are going to be tiring and sometimes challenging now, but I’m up for the task. The drought being broken is another big plus, since water woes were part of our initial reason for “squatting”. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in these past few months it has been patience. Sometimes it’s in short supply, but overall I have all the patience in the world for him. Other people however, not so much; funny how that happens. Thankfully, there’s at least one less person I don’t need as much patience for anymore. I’m praying this relationship grows into the beautiful thing it should be – the love and bond between a parent and child is something I never truly appreciated until I became a parent myself.

For tonight though, I will just pour myself a glass of wine and put my feet up (after bedtime of course) and savour the feeling of “home”. The one place where I can put a day to rest, and then bring in a new one with all its blessings and challenges. Ever grateful. Sing it for me…


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