How Time Flies…

Two days ago, my little monster reached the milestone of 10 months. It got me thinking that I might want to start working on his 1st birthday plans since I have NO idea where the time has gone! If I wait, the big day is going to be here before I know it and the last minute run around is something I wish to avoid.

It also got me thinking about where it all started. I can remember as if it were last night walking into the hospital unsure of what was happening, only to have my son delivered 55 minutes later. The 10 days that followed were without a doubt the most painful and trying of my life. The terrorist who insists on changing the channel on the TV and using anything in sight to stand and try to walk, is most days unbelievable to me. He’s gone from a squishy blob who ate, slept and pooped to a real little person – full of personality and attitude.

There’s been so much sadness in the news lately – abandoned, abused, neglected children, even cases of children who have lost their lives in unfortunate events but even at the hands of their parents. The anger, and the subsequent tears, make me realize that too many things in this world are taken for granted. I’m glad for the daily reminders that I’m able to care and provide for him. There’s nothing quite like coming home from work and seeing his face light up when I come through the front door. No matter how bad the day was, it all melts away in that smile. “Grateful” and “blessed” are two words that are now a daily part of my vocabulary. Motherhood is definitely a humbling experience, and one that I wouldn’t give back for anything or anyone.

The adventures continue…


One thought on “How Time Flies…

  1. danboogy says:

    Dude I am so glad that there are mothers like you out there… broke my heart when i went to BCH and saw some of those kids who were abused. You’re awesome and i know the little guy is happy as ever.

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