Party Plan Checklist…

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks! I’ll tell you about my adventures with the Similac formula recall later… and my pediatrician calls as I write this! Anyway, just a quick note to share the birthday party awesomeness underway at the moment. Party in T-24 days and counting!! I’ve been a little down lately but getting myself in gear for my boogie’s first birthday has really been the pick me up I needed.

So far, here goes:

  • the guest list is complete,
  • the menu is almost complete (now that I have a number of guests to work with),
  • the plans for the cake are 90% complete, just to make the final decorating decisions,
  • started making decorations for the table and the house,
  • games decided, props to be made,
  • and my favourite part… I got to get a little nutty and make the invitations 🙂 I really had a great time making these, my son is such amazing inspiration! (I’ll share his birth announcement and Christening invitations another time – those were fun to make too!)

Many thanks so far to all the Aunties who have volunteered to cook, bake, go shopping, and/or help out in any way. J and I are blessed to have you all!!

More work to be done, but for now it’s quitting time!


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