It’s actually been a year? No way!

Sunday, October 24, 2010… one week ago today, I had a house full of decorations, 70 cupcakes to frost, a party to get started, and a 1 year-old boy climbing all over me. WHAT??? I have a 1 year-old kid??? I think I understand (sorta) when my mom says it never really sinks in just how quickly the time flies and before you know it your kids are taller than you and mouthing off at every opportunity. WOW!!!!! Pardon my shock, it really just feels like yesterday since I went to the hospital and came home with this little guy. A year since I wrote this. ‘Surreal’ is a good word.

So I’m told by friends and family that despite the rain pouring down exactly at 3pm (party time!), a good time was had by all. This is rather comforting for me since my feet still hurt 🙂 . My ‘slight’ batter size miscalculation had me end up with twice the number of cupcakes I intended to make – not a bad thing, since they are DONE! Special thanks to Aunty Fran, Aunty Criss, Aunty Kat, Aunty Karla and Grammie for helping decorate, make finger food, and frost & decorate the gazillion cupcakes. Thanks to Aunty Ny, Aunty Teri and Grampie for making sure the bar for the grown folks was well taken care of – who knew that the Capri Sun monster pack I got for the kids would be enjoyed more by the ‘big kids’.


It was great to see J having a great time with other kids – I secretly hoped it would be encouragement to get him to walk, but he’s not quite there yet. Yes, my little chicken will only stand and walk as long as he’s holding on to someone or something. Anyway, no rush… I think he’s more happy chatting away right now and I really would love to know what he’s saying! I know that some of those grumbles are directed at me! He’s even singing along with the TV and radio and tells me “later” when I leave for work. He may not remember any of this as he grows, but he’ll know that he had lots of friends and family to celebrate with him for his big 1st birthday. My sister and I, while shopping unsupervised in the party store, found a wall decoration we just had to have. After it went up, it turned into something much better than just Cookie Monster, Elmo and Zoe flying kites. It’s a memory money can’t buy and one I treasure especially since all the messages are from the people who’ve been with us on this journey from the very beginning. (Yes, Cookie Monster has an earring, Elmo is wearing a belt, and Zoe has on nail polish – this is what happens when you give Aunty Chineyphat a Sharpie lol)

Birthday Wishes

It’s still up in the living room, giving the stragglers and those who couldn’t make it to the party some time to get their messages up there before I move it to the nursery.

As I write this I get an email: Your Toddler, Week 2. ‘Toddler’ almost feels like a bad word lol. He’ll always be my baby boy, even when he’s ‘negotiating’ to borrow the car or telling me he’s going to college. To be completely honest, those feelings of awe and gratitude that I felt the day he was born overwhelm me even today. I can’t help but feel guilty when I hand him over to Grammie or Nana or one of his Aunties for a while, but I won’t lie and say I don’t need it sometimes. He’s a big boy now, drinking cow’s milk, eating scrambled eggs and spaghetti (no, not together lol) and chatting up a storm at every opportunity. Even more so, he’s blowing kisses and gives great hugs – simply put, he’s the love of my life.

I’m gearing up for our first ‘real’ Christmas at home :). Yes, he was here last Christmas, but he really just slept through it. Grampie is getting us a tree this year and I’m excited to take him shopping for decorations (and hoping he won’t wreck the store haha). We will be hosting family Christmas morning breakfast this year. He’s developed a real love for pancakes so those will definitely have to be on the menu. For now though, I’m just enjoying the ‘quiet’ time before I have to start running after him :). I’m so dreading potty training…



One thought on “It’s actually been a year? No way!

  1. uncensoredmind says:

    time really does fly, doesnt it? im kinda dreading my son’s first birthday (march 2011) …. i mean how can i whole year just go by?!?!?

    anyway …. happy belated birthday to ur son (and u!) … seems like it was a great celebration

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