Writer’s block and assorted maladies…

I’ve been trying to write a post since Christmas day. One thing or another always seemed to come up, or I was just too damn tired. It’s now been a week since she died. I still can’t collect my thoughts, into anything that makes sense at least. My sister best described it as “shell shock”.. we are still waiting for that moment when this becomes real. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to react to that moment. It honestly took years (and a gunshot victim falling into my lap – an entirely different post) to come to terms with my little sister’s passing.

She insisted that she didn’t want a funeral or “any of that nonsense”. So tomorrow, we her blood, shall get together over a dinner much like the ones she would host. We will toast her life, and lay her to rest.

To our viking princess… Valhalla has welcomed you and we feast in your honour. Watch over us, you will never be forgotten, not in this life nor the next.

I love you, Gramma B.

In loving memory of I.B.G.H. July 18, 1930 – December 28, 2010

Meeting Great-Gramma for the first time. Oct 27, 2009


5 thoughts on “Writer’s block and assorted maladies…

  1. uncensoredmind says:

    my condolences to u and ur family on ur grandmother’s passing.

    ur posts about her exude nothing but love and strength. i hope u and ur family will have the strength to enjoy ur memories of her despite ur grief

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