Mission: More Letters 2011

Happy 2011! It’s here with a vengeance, and the most annoying question every year is echoing everywhere: “So, what’s your new year’s resolution?” Let me cut to the chase and say I don’t “do” resolutions. Every one I have ever made has been lucky to last further than the first week of January. It’s not that I don’t have that resilience or commitment to them, it’s more a case of they are usually something that may seem like the “right” thing to resolve to do, but not what I WANT. One of those important life lessons I’ve learned in the past few years is that there is never a “right time” to make positive changes or strides in your life. As long as you’re sure that something is what you WANT to do, for whatever reason, there is no time quite like the present to just DO IT!

For sometime now I’ve been bellyaching about continuing my education. My mom keeps hinting at me pursuing a PhD – my question is always “who is going to be paying for it?”. I am all too aware of the mortgage like student loan I currently have from my first two degrees, and with education bills coming soon for my son, I’m in no rush to take on any more debt. Yes, I have a bachelor’s degree and a masters degree in an engineering discipline – those who know me only socially always seem to be surprised by this, is it that engineers don’t drink? Anyway, I’ve finally decided on the direction I WANT to take. In my field, certifications are rather useful, but there are SO MANY!! I consulted a few friends in the industry (Thanks Ty and Trev) and have narrowed my list down a few that suit the direction I want my career to take. I will say that I did this in November, to be honest.

Despite wanting to get on this path, my inner procrastinator used my current lack of disposable income to justify not getting started with books and study materials. Having looked at the upcoming exam dates, I’ve decided to aim for 2 exams this December and 1 next June. Sounds far off, but I can bet you they will be here before I can blink. I decided not to aim for upcoming June because I really don’t know how my exam prep will go with a 1 y-o who believes he is 21. He really is the boss of me, but you’ll never hear me admit that within earshot. Maybe one day he’ll read this and laugh, till then I will continue to pretend to be in charge.

Back to my inner procrastinator… I have to thank my recently late Gramma B for that gentle little kick in the rear I needed to get me going on this mission. I had spoken to her about wanting to go this route and she was, as always, very inquisitive and encouraging. Thank you Grams for your guidance and support, I took the hint and I’ve ordered my books. They should be here next week. Working on my schedule and trying to convince J to cooperate. I remember picking you and Gramps up from the airport when you came to my college graduation. I saw the pride in your eyes, and I hope to continue to make you proud. I miss you everyday.

Honestly, most of the material is stuff I know and use often, but when was proper preparation a bad thing? On that note folks, wish me luck!


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