Preschool…. ALREADY?!?

Lil' Bigfoot

Yes, those are the feet of my 22-month old terrorist. He starts preschool in 2 weeks, I would appreciate any and all volunteers to hold my hand and bring Kleenex (for me).

He’s a funny kid – somedays I’m the only person in the world despite tons around and other days I may as well be invisible. Kinda like his mom, there’s no telling what kind of mood he’s gonna wake up in on any given day.

*cue anxiety attack*

I have NO idea what to expect on the first day of school!!! Is he going to cry and be clingy? Is he gonna head for the playground and have a blast? I just don’t know!!!

*cue tears*

I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry, but I’m tossing that out the window like a poorly thought out New Year’s resolution. This is my baby we’re talking about here!!! He’s barely talking but just this morning reduced me to a blubbering mess in the car when I asked him if he was going to be a good boy and not give Nana (his nanny) any trouble. He laughed at me and his laugh is so infectious, I had to laugh too, and said something along the lines of “mummy’s smart little baby”. He started shaking his head and saying “no no no”. Of course I pouted and asked if he was trying to say that he wasn’t my little baby anymore. He looked thoughtful for a moment, then simply said “no, i not Ma”. All I could see was the little runt I brought home, who is this big kid????

*cue bawling*

*regaining composure*

So preschool… his grandaunt decided he needed to follow the family military tradition. The camouflage lunch kit is pretty cute, I must say. He’s got his uniforms and some new kicks (see the lil big foot picture – I don’t know how great an idea those laces are gonna be, but we’ll see).

*mini freak out*

I know he’s going to be fine. He’s a bright and stubborn little boy, who likes to wave a toilet brush at you like a sword and “read” the newspaper at the dining table with me while I have my coffee. I’m telling myself that he doesn’t have to be with me all the time, that he needs to discover the world outside of home and family.

I’ve got 2 weeks… wish me luck!


Someone pass a paper bag please…


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