New Blessings, New Stresses…

Again I have been delinquent – but I can explain! Sometime ago I mentioned that I was giving up my nomadic tendencies, well it seems life had other plans for me. The simple explanation: we moved, again. I know, I know that this wasn’t exactly how it was supposed to go but this was one of those times that an opportunity presented itself and who am I to ignore a blessing when it falls right in my lap??

The quick and dirty version: my grandfather indicated his desire to downsize after my grandmother’s passing almost a year ago. Not wanting to part with the family house, a few ideas were knocked around and now I call the family house I’ve known all my life, my home. It’s an awesome house, with a huge kitchen, lawns, fruit trees – all the things a little boy needs to have a great time and terrorize his mother. I’ve never lived in a “house house” before, always having lived in a townhouse/apartment/gated community type home. The new tasks of watering the plants (God bless the gardener who has worked there my whole life – he’s amazing), maintenance, upkeep and the general running of the biggest house I’ve ever lived in are now realities that I’m getting used to. If you come to visit, please ignore the sticky notes all over the house – I need reminders until these jobs are routine.

Having only completed moving yesterday, I would give my kingdom for some pain killers and epsom salts. My everything hurts. That fact isn’t too much of a bother however since my little man has realised that this house is his new home and he’s quickly adjusting. He’s really growing up faster than I can keep up with, especially now that he’s trying to be more self-sufficient. The “Terrible Twos” are in full swing, but he’s figuring out that actually sitting and eating a meal isn’t such a bad thing, and neither is bedtime.

Last night I made my first meal in my new kitchen. My grandfather informed me over the weekend that I’m expected to take up the tradition of entertaining family on a Sunday afternoon (“.. with a pie, or cookies, or something of the sort..”) and so I’m elbow deep in trying to figure out where to start with that task. Note: nutritional facts on dessert recipes will depress you, read with caution. I’ll let you know how this experiment works out…

In the meantime, little man has a hearing assessment coming up so I’m putting my focus there. He may just be as stubborn (or more) as his parents, or he may be having some difficulty – personally, I would rather rule it out than ignore a possible issue. That’s a story for another time.

So until then – new blessings, new stresses… but never ungrateful.


2 thoughts on “New Blessings, New Stresses…

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