Triple Chocolate Brownies

Today is my nanny’s birthday. She absolutely LOVES chocolate brownies, so decided to christen my baking in the new house with a batch for her.

Yes, it’s midnight… I couldn’t sleep.

I went in search of an oven thermometer this week. With some help from some folks on twitter I managed to get a great one at an even greater price. You see, now that I’ve inherited my Grams’ oven, I’ve also inherited the now bare oven dial. It’s been cleaned so well over the years that all the temperature markings have been rubbed off. I can safely tell you where 500 degrees is located on the dial – and that’s about it.

Somehow tonight while getting started, I took a good look at the dial and I turned it as if I had done it everyday of life. I stuck the thermometer on the rack and went off to make the brownie batter. Batter made, pan ready for the oven. Opened the oven to look at the thermometer – exactly 325 degrees, just what I needed.

I spent the next half an hour (after putting the pan in the oven, of course) sitting on the floor, in tears.

I’ve been in this kitchen my entire life watching this amazing woman cook and bake for her family. I’ve been very apprehensive lately about taking on the weekend baking ritual. Sunday afternoon treats are an important tradition that have been absent since she passed away last Christmas. I’m not afraid anymore. Thanks Grams for holding my hand and letting me know everything is going to be OK.

I miss you, I love you… the brownies came out perfect.


3 thoughts on “Triple Chocolate Brownies

  1. kidfriendlyja says:

    Oh goodness you have me in tears with you ((hugs)) I am sure you are more than capable to take over the reins. you were well trained.
    How did the hearing test go? those things are scary to say the least. for u as a parent. hope it went well.

    • disturbedafterdark says:

      The test went well and everything checked out normal (thankfully!), I have the whole bit about that in my drafts kinda staring at me like “write won’t you?!”

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