Kitchen Experiments: Cherry Pie

New responsibilities, new post category 🙂 Figured I’d share the journey in all it’s yumminess – welcome to Kitchen Experiments.

Since recently moving into my grandparents’ house, I have been tasked with reviving a tradition which has been dormant since Gram’s passing. Sunday evenings are reserved for hanging out on the patio, corny jokes and whatever sweet treat Grams has whipped up that weekend. A few Sundays ago, I jumped in with both feet and a lot of hope. Once I had the oven figured out with the night of triple chocolate brownies, I used the confidence boost to attempt something I’d never made before.

In sorting out the kitchen cupboard’s I had found tons of pie filling – some of which expired about a year ago. So in clearing out I was left with one can of cherry and one of blueberry near expiry which I didn’t want to toss. I love cooking, but I’ve always left the baking to my Grams, mom or my sister (her chocolate cake will make you drunk and sugar high in less than one slice.. pure awesomeness). So naturally, pie crust from scratch is a mad person’s choice for starting off a tradition. Not one to profess my own sanity – pie it was. I put the poll out to friends on twitter as to whether it should be cherry or blueberry, and we ended up with a dead heat, so I decided to make both.

Around rolls the weekend. I’m talking to my Uncle telling him about my plan to make pies. His hysterical laughter was the first sign that I might be in over my head. However, I ignored him and armed with Grams’ trusty recipe book I got to work. Surprisingly, by the end of making the dough I wasn’t covered head to toe in flour. That didn’t last too long since I forgot just how warm that kitchen gets – rolling it out was accompanied by an excessive amount of bad words. Lesson from that adventure:  pie crust should be made in that kitchen early in the morning when there is still a chill on the house from the night before.

One pie, cherry, in the oven and then the duties of the weekend and helping my dad move in to the house with us took over. Blueberry was relegated to another weekend. Now I traumatized myself the entire time the pie was in the oven by constantly turning on the light and looking in the oven – I was terrified I was going to burn the crust. As a result of my paranoia, it could have stayed in a few minutes longer – but no one complained 🙂

Along with some Vanilla Crunch ice cream, my start to my weekend kitchen baking experiments had a nerve racking, but good start. A snapshot courtesy of darling Aunty HP to share the yumminess:

Cherry Pie and Vanilla Crunch Ice Cream

So with that down… up next Banana Bread and Blueberry Pie *drool*…

P.S. I need more dessert suggestions, the recipe books are overwhelming so picking something is near impossible… being the nerd I am, I’m trying to make a schedule between now and the end of the year (mostly for my supermarket shopping.. ok fine, really for my OCD).. Thanks!


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