Blueberry Pie

Kitchen Experiments: Blueberry Pie & Banana Bread

Ignore my poor lattice weaving job -_-

Having learned the best time of day to make pie crust from scratch in my new kitchen, I’ve discovered it’s also quite therapeutic at 7 on a Sunday morning in your pyjamas. Since the blueberry was unfortunately shelved during the last pie adventure, I figured it was time and it deserved its due.

Firstly, we are all going to politely ignore my poor lattice weaving job. It so happened that around the time I was putting that bit together, a certain toddler appeared in the kitchen demanding his milk and breakfast – the resulting mismatched weave is the end result. So thanks in advance for not mentioning it, unlike my darling sister.

I’m probably more excited than I should be about the fact that the time of morning means I can make the dough and roll it out at once with no chilling necessary. Don’t judge me, it’s these little things that make new hobbies interesting. I’ve decided that’s what this new adventure is – a new hobby. That became apparent to me on Saturday night around 10 when I broke out the mixer and made banana bread, just because I could.

J’s dad brought some lovely bananas for us the week before – a LOT of them. Basically there was no way to use them all before they were over ripe… but there’s always stuff you can do with those. With time against me, I peeled all the over ripe ones left and stuck them in the freezer. While getting ice for my drink that night I saw the bag and decided it was time for some banana bread. In the blind hope that I’d be able to use them all up in one go, I grabbed the recipe book and realised that I’d probably only make a dent in half of what was there. Don’t worry, fritters are next 🙂

My Dad, the quintessential food critic, gave me 2 thumbs up and an “exquisite” between bites. My picky eater of a toddler has had about a 1/4 of the whole thing by himself. The things that make you smile. I’m sorry I didn’t get to take any pictures of the banana bread.. to be honest, my phone cam has stopped working and I was really too lazy to go for the actual camera at the time. Might take a picture later of the last slice, if I remember before I eat it that is.

So as I feel my butt getting broader with each passing weekend, I’m toying with last night’s suggestion of fudge. Gramps has been not so subtle with his lemon meringue pie request, as has been my uncle with his apple pie “just like Mom’s”. While I write this I remember that my oven is booked this weekend! Christmas is around the corner – it’s pudding time!! Someone remind me to check the pantry tonight to make sure I’ve got all the ingredients. I know I have prep work to do before the weekend – never made these on my own before, always been the “little helper”. Not worried though, Grams has been keeping my company in the kitchen these days – can’t say I’m going to miss getting rapped on the knuckles with a wooden spoon for trying to sneak into the batter before she’s done. *angel face*


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Experiments: Blueberry Pie & Banana Bread

  1. Gayletrini says:

    I haven’t made banana bread in the longest while. I use to make it often while in college and I didn’t have a mixer LOL.
    Never tried making a piecrust from scratch though.
    Kudos to you it looks great

    • disturbedafterdark says:

      🙂 Thanks! I was really daunted at first cause everyone made pie crust sound so difficult.. but after 30 mins when I was standing there looking at it ready to go in the oven I was wondering what I did wrong cause it was so simple! After the puddings, I think the lemon meringue is up next.. now that is something I’m afraid of lol… fortunately Grams has every tool/pan/appliance known to man for these things, so just to find the right one and dive right in!

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