So when are you going to have another kid?

Easily THE single most annoying question since October 2009. I think I may have found a solution to the irritation.

My new kid is quite a looker. Adopted, he’s just turned 2 and already fits in like he was always here.

Bringing him home was quite an adventure considering his 130lb self didn’t quite fit in the back seat of my Honda Fit. Fortunately when you fold down the seats, the back is almost pick up truck like. Anyway, the commute from the JSPCA was filled with gawking drivers and pedestrians, not to mention a few frantic “what is that in your car?!” phone calls.

I was a little concerned with how the kids were going to get along, size and such. They have happily made fast friends tho, especially at meal times. During the initial adjustment period there was a bit of “sibling rivalry” mostly on the part of J wanting to know why C was getting all the attention. J proudly claims that he’s taught C everything he knows. All I have to say about that is only one of them is potty trained. I’ll let you guess which one.

So for all those asking about kid #2, meet Calibre. He’s about the size of a kid, eats more, snores like a freight train and is generally quite lovable. And he’s a great pear thief deterrent 🙂


My backseat driver...


this is how you lie down...


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