Doctor’s orders!

So my irritated sinuses seem to have joined forces with a head cold, and I am now curled up in bed. A few minutes ago my 3 y-o son came into my room and saw me curled up under the blanket. He asked me if I was ok, told him no, my head hurts. Little people constantly amaze me.

He walked up to me, kissed me on my forehead and reached up to try to turn off my bedside lamp. Seeing he was having some trouble, I offered some help and we turned off the light. He turned to me and said “good night mummy, sweet dreams mummy, I love you.”

Then he turned and walked out of the room. As he got to the door, he stopped and looked over his shoulder and quite forcefully shouted “turn off the tv mummy!”

I really want to tell him he’s not the boss of me… But I would just be lying to myself. Good night, before I get into trouble.


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