House of Mirrors…

.. not quite the carnival variety where each mirror provides a different distortion of reality… well, maybe just like that lol. But I was thinking more the kind you’ve seen in movies where you’re on a landing surrounded by stairs going in all different directions. No matter which set of stairs you take, thinking you’re getting out or making some sort of progress, you always end up right back at that same landing, the same flower pot, the same parking spot, the same view of the familiar outside. Just like deja vu. Kinda feeling like that… probably just need to break a window and climb out at this point. Hopefully it’s not the one with the brick wall behind it, or the prison bars… I should try my luck anyway.

What I really came here to do was to share my new favourite song… I don’t even mind that it’s 8+ mins long… it just works for me…


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