Taking time for granted…

… I find myself guilty of this at times. To be more specific, it’s the act of carrying on about life while taking for granted how quickly time flies and how things change without you even noticing. The notion that my little one is still a baby, and that people will always be there regardless of the passage of time. While it can be a comforting thought, it could not be further from reality.

Boogs has been a little under the weather this weekend. His sinuses hate the hot/cold weather even more than mine, so now we’ve got a nasty cough and a sore throat to show for it. The fever since Sunday afternoon that kept me up until 4am when it finally broke was my bigger concern. So to the doctor we went this morning.

I sat there in the doctor’s office as a third wheel this morning. My son carried on a conversation with his doctor as if he were a man in a miniature form. He told him where hurt, he climbed up in the chair for the examination by himself, and told the doctor all about Angry Birds Star Wars. When they were done, I got his prescription and he packed away the toys he was playing with, told Doc goodbye and then told me it was time to go home… “Come on Mummy, open the door please.”

I’m just the driver this morning. He’s grown 2″ since the start of the year and prides himself on being an expert on all things Angry Birds. Where did my baby go? It’s the same feeling as talking to my dad last night about Mother’s Day this weekend. He completely forgot. He looked at me and sniffled and pouted “I don’t have a mummy any more.” I had to hug him and remind him that he still had a mummy, she just wasn’t here.

People can be here today, gone tomorrow, in more ways than just being physically absent. I love clichés, there’s one for almost any situation, such as “absence makes the heart grow fonder” – bollocks… it’s more like “out of sight, out of mind.”  Whether intentionally or not, remember not to take the time with them, and without them, for granted. You don’t get it back.


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