Bittersweet Thanks…

Today was J’s last day of preschool. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself just now, so (of course) here I am. You’ll remember my hyperventilating when he was about to start preschool, if not here you go. You know how much I love a good cliché so take your pick between “oh where did the time go?!” and “my, how time flies!” because either will do right now. Whether I like it or not he’s growing up *sniff* and now pardon me while I segue into my version of his preschool graduation acceptance speech. (Yes, feel free to laugh now)


I’m honestly at a loss for words (laugh it up penny section).

I really just want to say THANK YOU to the team at El Centro for putting up with my paranoia, nervous ramblings, attempts at making them fat with baked goods, but most of all for the confidence and excitement for learning that they’ve inspired in my Boogs.

He was my little baby when he got there, and sometimes I don’t recognize the big boy he is today. They are an amazing set of educators. The learning doesn’t stop with the kids. Parents, like myself, are grateful for the lessons you’ve taught us as well.

Thank you for all the songs. Thank you for inspiring all the art & craft all over my office and house. Thank you for the lessons in love and friendship you’ve imparted to my child. Thank you for the support and encouragement when I was pretty sure I was doing irreparable damage to my child. Thanks for helping us both survive the potty training experience. Thanks for giving me the confidence in my abilities as a parent, and demonstrating that sending him to El Centro was the best decision made for him thus far. Lots more of those choices to go, but you’ve helped us both with an amazing start.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

Preschool Life

Preschool Life

All our Love,



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