20 Questions…

… the more I think about it, that title is a bit misleading. It should be more like 200 questions. Yes, dear ones, we are at that stage of early childhood development where absolutely nothing comes out of his mouth without a “why/where/how/what?” attached to it. My nerves are shot.

I thought about it just now in a reply on Twitter (thanks @therealnickmack) about how thankful I am that he really is such a great kid. “Please” and “thank you” are now standard in his behaviour, even if he thinks that farting really loudly is the funniest thing in life. He’s really not a troublemaker – it’s mostly mischief and curiosity. He NEEDS to know what everything is, how it works, what it does, and every other possible question he can come up with.

If you know me, you will know I can’t manage more than 2/3 questions in a row from anyone without getting irritated. Well, this child has been put on this earth to break me out of that. There can be no other explanation for his persistence. I actually timed him a few evenings ago.

I was making dinner. He comes into the kitchen as I’m cutting up chicken and proceeds to ask what I’m doing. I tell him. Then it began.

“Mummy, what’s chicken?”

Now I sort of just looked at him like “huh?” but he asked again. I decided at that point to make a little experiment of it. I wanted to get dinner out of the way, so I shamelessly replied “go ask Nana.” Off he went.

30 minutes later…

Nana has locked herself in the bathroom. Grandpa is hiding in his room under the guise of watching the news. I’m telling him to come out of the kitchen because the oven is hot. He was still going. We each would answer about 2 questions, then pawn him off on the next person. Back and forth he went for 30 minutes. The only thing that stumped him was when Grandpa said to go ask the dog what “spice” is.

Right now he is in my ear insisting that I demonstrate to him that I know my ABCs and this is now the next time where I am to sing with him. We are also watching the World Championships on TV (GO #TEAMJAMAICA) and he is cheering for “Sailboat” as the pronunciation of “Usain Bolt” is not quite there yet for him. As I asked my timeline, I need a good answer for his latest philosophical question – “Mummy, why does he want to run so fast?”

I need the new school term to hurry up and get here. His new uniforms are the most adorable things, looking like a big person in miniature.

Rest assured, I have not (yet) true to form answered any of his questions with “yu rass” as is my standard practice. It requires a lot of effort, but I am trying. I will save that for his teenage years. In the meantime, my sanity continues to wear thin.


5 thoughts on “20 Questions…

  1. uncensoredmind says:

    I’ve turned the question thing into a word game. I answer the question then pick a word and we practice spelling it. So if he asked about the beach … we start spelling beach or waves. After he’s got it ‘right’ a few times he tends to wander off to something he’d prefer doing

  2. GFixation says:

    It is amazing when I hear how smart/eager and consuming these children are to find out about everything. My really good friend has a 6 month old, and I’m so consumed and excited to hear about her milestones. I usually let her read blogs of this kind to keep her mind open about what can eventually happen.

    Keep them coming. Blessings

    • disturbedafterdark says:

      I can see you having MANY laughs at my expense… especially when we get into girlfriends, borrowing the car and the day he discovers I’ve been writing about him all those years… LOL

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