Dear parents, you need to control your kids. Sincerely, non-parents

This made my whole week. Seriously. J justed started K1 and has been well on his way to having mummy in the principal’s office before the first month of school is out. *sigh* .. I’ll tell you about that later, but in the meantime – please read. Matt is SO much more diplomatic about this than I could ever be, and my 3 (almost) 4 y-o loves to race shopping carts in the supermarket with whoever will take up his challenge… *hears expensive sounds in my future*…

The Matt Walsh Blog

To the fan I lost yesterday:

I don’t owe you an explanation, but I thought I’d offer one anyway. I do this more for your sake than mine. You see, maybe, as you later suggested, I was in a bad mood. Maybe I could have been a bit more polite about it. Maybe I’m more sensitive to it now that I have kids. Maybe I’m just sick of hearing these comments about parents. Maybe I know that my wife has to take the twins with her when she goes grocery shopping sometimes, so she could easily be on the receiving end of your sort of bullying. Maybe I took it personally.

Whatever the case, there I was, walking down the aisles of the grocery store looking for the ingredients for a new chili recipe I wanted to try. I heard the kid screaming from a distance; the whole store heard…

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