The importance of insignificance…

I might not be quoting her verbatim, but a girlfriend of mine once said:

Never overestimate your significance(importance) in someone else’s life.

She is quite brilliant, and very correct. Check out her adventures at Daily Doses of Dija, you won’t be sorry 😉

Back to trying to make my point…. I may have been guilty of this a time or two. Ok, not maybe. Let’s just say it has never had good results. Simply put, just because someone is important to you – care & concern above the average person in your life – doesn’t mean you are important to them. Coming to this realisation will not change the situation, but it is important that you understand your insignificance and keep it moving. If necessary, perform an exorcism – but please consult a professional and not your quirky neighbour who thinks her house is haunted. You will get hurt otherwise (the keeping it moving part, not the exorcism.. but then again…). It’s not a “maybe” thing, it is inevitable. That road can take so many ugly twists and turns, like you being considered a bother because you’re hurt (by them), so how bout we just avoid it completely? Yes, let’s.

The danger in not accepting your insignificance, is being insignificant to the kind of person who will take advantage of your care for them. Run. Fast. Far. Now. You will always get sucked in and be made to feel guilty for not caring (read: appearing not to care). These aren’t necessarily bad people now, some of them just don’t know any better and tend to be stuck in that little bubble that only extends an inch or so away from their noses. Care anyway, but from a (big, huge, Grand Canyon) distance. Ok, maybe I was exaggerating a bit with the Grand Canyon reference, but maybe that’s the limit that works for you?

I could ramble some more today, but I’ve got work to do. So will just share a few gems I’ve come across lately… (there are tons more on this Pinterest board)…


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