OK, I’m having a moment…

… and you’re saying “damn she has a lot of those!” To you I say, yes. Dammit, yes. I do. There’s the door if you don’t like it. Well you know it’s not really a door but you get the picture. Hell man, I’m having a moment!!


The child is 4 YEARS OLD tomorrow!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!


*deep breaths in a paper bag*

*attempting to regain composure*

*failing miserably*

Listen, people, it’s been a doozy of a day. One would figure after more than a month of school both he and I would be past hitting snooze 5 times before jumping out of bed screaming “we’re gonna be late!!”. Well, no. Every morning he still gets up and goes to the potty then climbs into my bed, we snuggle up and next thing you know, we’ve got 30 minutes to be out the door, into the traffic, and down the road to get to school on time. We have GOT to stop hitting snooze.

But I am tired. Long hours at work, too many long hours at my sistren’s new bar, not enough in Dreamland. Not for lack of not going to bed, sleep seems to be avoiding me in a most awkward fashion. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to sleep for whatever it is I may have done to offend you, come back to me PLEASE.

*back to my moment*

4 years.

A friend’s mom died last night. A sister-friend’s mom died this morning. Tomorrow, I’m about to celebrate 4 years with an amazing kid. 4 years of motherhood. I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment.

I has all the feels. I feel like crying but I need a nap more.

Stay tuned, the annual birthday sappy “Ode to My Son” will happen later (or more realistically tomorrow), for now I just want to go hug my sister-friend. And my mom.


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