Hear her VOICE…

Hey Folks… I’m sitting here watching last night’s live performances from NBC’s The Voice and I’m reduced to a blubbering mess once again, please tell me you’ve heard of Tessanne Chin??? Pardon me, while I slip into my superhero costume of black, green and gold – #TeamJamaica!!! You know I have my moments (lots of them) but this woman had been reducing me to tears EVERY TIME she takes the stage!!! Ok, enough of me and my Kleenex issues… let’s get down to why we are here…


In case you’re still in the dark…

and then…. *gets out Kleenex*

There’s a geographic restriction (US only voting), so my dear subscribers and followers in the US, PLEASE PLEASE support!! So here’s how…

You can vote for Tessanne until 11 a.m. (Tuesday)…

1. Phone (toll free) – 1-877-5-KEEP-10 (1-877-553-3710) (vote up to 10x)

2. Facebook – https://apps.facebook.com/nbc-the-voice/ (vote up to 10x)

3. Text – Sprint customers, text the number 10 to 8642 (vote up to 10x)

4. nbc.com – http://www.nbc.com/the-voice/vote/ (vote up to 10x)

5. iTunes (purchase tonight’s song to count as 1 vote) – itunes.com/voice (if her itune downloads rank in the top 10 downloads list this week, the itune votes get multiplied by 5!) >> https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/many-rivers-to-cross-voice/id737581641

and a personal fav from the lady herself…

… and you are forewarned that I’ll be back for the next round of voting… 😀




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