#25DaysofGratitude Day 3…

This was not what I had planned for today, but it just felt right. Today, I am grateful for being able to hear and appreciate music. Odd, yeah? Let me tell you what happened…

So last night I was bullied by my child into putting up the Christmas tree. He’s very bossy for a little person, but we made quick work of it including his directions “MUMMY PUT UP THE STAR! IT’S NOT CHRISTMAS TREE WITHOUT A STAR!” Then it was time for the Monday night ritual of watching The Voice. My dad decided to camp out in my room to watch it with me – 4 hours later, the show long ended, our musical journey had barely scratched the surface. (NOTE: GO VOTE FOR TESSANNE!!)

It started out with him bitching and moaning that he didn’t know the songs they were singing, with the obvious Bob Marley exception. So I got out my laptop and fired up the trusty iTunes library – and so it began.

My earliest memories of music are mostly because of my dad. I was a ballroom dancing toddler I’m told and relished every opportunity to take a spin on the dance floor with my daddy. I don’t know how to describe his musical tastes, they are much too odd to be called eclectic. He can name most classical pieces within the first few seconds. 80s ballads are his thing, but so are 90s boy bands. And let’s not even start on the theme for almost EVERY animated Disney movie ever made. I’m going to blame the last two on my baby sister. On my 16th birthday, he dedicated a song to me and told me he would dance with me to that song at my wedding. How many dads do you know who would have Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’ lined up for that?

So as I left him playing his air violin to Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker, it dawned on me that many of my fondest memories in life (people, places, experiences..) all have a song. Every possible genre imaginable, but there’s a song for everyone, everything, everytime.

As I sat digging through my library finding music I know he likes, I remembered all the times doing this with special people in my life. Sound clashes in our pyjamas with my college roommates. Singing for hours on the neverending road trips – we all have that friend who massacres the lyrics to every song but we still love them. Slow dancing in the empty living room of the apartment with no furniture just because ‘that’ song happened to be on the radio. Wondering why this man fell in love with a Mexican girl in El Paso. Moments and memories, all set to music.

I’m casually watching my Twitter timeline at an entire nation rallying around the music of one of our own (GO VOTE FOR TESSANNE). It’s moments like these, tried and true favourites and new loves – Katy Perry ‘Unconditionally’ has been in my rotation for a little while now, but Tessanne gave it new meaning and life tonight. GO BUY IT ON iTUNES! And for the record, Blake – you’re an honorary Jamaican tonight; Adam – she is married, but the tears were a nice touch.

My grandmother was partially deaf at the time she passed away. I wonder what she missed in the music sometimes. For those who have never been able to hear it. For those who have never been able to feel it, not just a vibration but an actual stirring in your soul. I am grateful to have heard and felt all the moments in my life, and for those I am yet to hear and feel. Moments and memories, all set to music.


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