#25DaysofGratitude Day 6…

It’s day 6. I’m grateful for second chances.

My youngest sister died at 15 years old. It’s been almost 10 years since she passed away. That’s a second chance I would have liked. I almost lost our middle sister. That’s a second chance I’m grateful for every single day, even when I want to crack her skull myself.

I’m grateful for the doctors and hospital staff who did everything they could to make sure my son survived. That’s a second chance debt I can never repay.

I’m grateful that every morning is essentially a second chance to get it right.

Second chances are not owed to anyone. In life, some are undeserved – be careful how you grant them. Always be grateful when people, and life itself, grant them to you. Don’t take them for granted, and please don’t waste them.

Today is my birthday.

I’m grateful for today’s ‘second chance’ to be here to celebrate it.



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