I Dare You To Care…After the Show

Just read.


The 2014 Shaggy and Friends show is concluded. The Twitter campaign has wound down. Money has been raised, awareness has been sharpened, and a large audience saw, by most accounts, a good show.

Now what?

Well, the next logical thing step that there should be a full report on the amount of money raised for 2014 Shaggy & Friends. (This would merely be a continuation of the reports given by the Shaggy Foundation.) Along with that, there should be a detailed comparison to previous years’ fundraising efforts. That’s how we’ll begin to measure the Tessanne Effect and it’s how we’ll measure the #TeamShaggy4Kids Effect. Plus, there was apparently a 100% increase in the number of attendees to the show. That’s huge. If so how does that translate, if at all, into money raised given the complementary ticket controversy? How can that increase be maintained? That is, how must Shaggy…

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