From my sister, with love…

I ramble a lot about my sisters… pardon me while I ramble some more 🙂 If you follow me on Twitter (see my Soap Box on this page somewhere lol) you may have seen my eerie story this morning. If not, let me catch you up… it’s been a few hours since and I’m still in quite an emotional place. I’m guessing it’s about the message…

So this morning I took J to school, as usual. I walked him to his classroom, as usual, and as I was leaving, his teacher called me back. We had a little incident last week with a stone and someone getting a boo boo (don’t ask) so I was naturally a little apprehensive that something else had happened. Turns out, as usual these days, I was very wrong.

J has the most awesome set of teachers – he has ever since he started school. We have both been incredibly lucky and blessed in this regard. His current teacher has a real way with the little ones – I think of her as a ‘little kid charmer’. Soft spoken and always smiling, little kids are drawn to her like a magnet. It’s pretty incredible for me to watch since after 30 seconds of the morning playtime and noise I’m about to have a panic attack.

So she asks me an odd question – “do you have any family that attended this school?”

Now it didn’t strike me as odd, since I do have cousins who also attend the same school, but we have different family names. I mentioned them, but she asked about my last name. To the best of my knowledge none of us ever attended that school. Then she asked me what was my late sister’s first name. I told her, even spelled it for her. She smiled and asked me to follow her to the bookshelf.

In a box were some old children’s books that had clearly seen better days. She took one out that had no cover, all tattered and worn, and there at the top of the page in a kid’s scrawl was her name. Further down the page in my late stepmother’s handwriting was my sister’s name.

My sister died 10 years, 1 month and 27 days ago.

My best guess is that when we donated her large collection of books to all sorts of places after her death, this one somehow found its way to my son’s classroom. She told me she had it in the classroom collection for a while, and despite being tattered and worn, loved the story so much that she kept it.

The book is ‘The Magic Locket’ by Elizabeth Koda-Callan. It’s about a little girl who couldn’t seem to get anything right, but with the help of a magic locket, she learned the importance of believing in herself. All day, I’ve been wondering who the message was intended for – but I realise it’s for us both. There’s been a lot going on lately, and yes, I’ve been doubting myself. J has been having a time of it too, learning new things, new friends, new experiences. I can see his frustration sometimes when he just ‘can’t get it right’. Never was there a more timely reminder, for both her big sister and her nephew she never had the chance to meet.

The book also came with a little locket. I have it at home in my jewelry box. All I can say is the Universe gives you exactly what you need, just when you need it.

She asked if I wanted the book. I told her even though it found its way back to us, she should keep it in the classroom – someone, someday, will need the message just like I did.

Miss you, Caitlin.

Thank you.

All my love, K.


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