An Ode to Spelling … or Alternative Uses for YouTube…

By now you should know better than to question the logic behind my blog titles 🙂 As usual, I promise to get to the point – with correct spelling, of course.

So J is at that magical age of learning to read. It is absolutely fascinating to me how he recognizes words everywhere we go, from the supermarket to street signs. Our most recent project of making flash cards of his take-home “new words” from school went over quite well with him – someone please remind me to buy more coloured paper for his next set. He’s decided he needs more words to make “bigger sentence” – you get it 🙂

I’m over the moon with his curiosity and try to find fun ways to help him foster it. He likes to play in the kitchen while I’m cooking or baking, so to help his words we found a set of trusty fridge magnets of letters and numbers. Don’t be surprised to walk into the kitchen and find a new word on the fridge that he’s excited to show you. Words with repeating letters are tricky, so I guess I need to go find another set of letters this weekend to ease his frustration.

Enter YouTube.

I don’t think it really needs any introduction. From the popular to the downright strange, it’s all there. He discovered the joys of YouTube with his Angry Birds OBSESSION. Yes, obsession. There is no other way to describe it. Every single activity in this child’s life has an Angry Birds reference. He got Angry Birds underwear over the weekend. Getting him to keep his pants on is now my new challenge.

So we’ve got every version of the game under the sun, and he finds every video under the sun – even the not-so-kid-friendly ones – parental controls are your friend! Interestingly enough, his curiosity didn’t stop there. If he sees something on TV, liked a character in a movie or a book, heard a song on the radio – he asks me how to spell the name. I wondered why he was walking around spelling words aloud all the time. My little brainy kid knows that if he wants to find out more (read: watch it on YouTube) he has to know how to spell the words so he can type them in the search box. At 4 he has mastered that logic better than many adults I know. Of course I still have to police his searches, but who am I to kill his curiosity?! He’s a little walking infomercial after having watched one too many game demo videos, but he’s also taught himself the alphabet in sign language from a series of sign language videos for kids. I admit I underestimated the usefulness of YouTube, but he has definitely showed me a few useful ideas. And I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Now to teach him how to reset the router on his own to free me from the cries of “MUMMY! THE INTERNET IS BROKEN!!”

Excuse me while I go prepare for our movie date night later… he’s asked to watch Cars… again…


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