Tis the season for irritating questions…

.. yes, it clearly is the season. A quick rant on this one is required and a serious question to  my friends and family – you all are aware that children are not sold in stores, yeah? OK, now that we’ve got that cleared up, the cries of “when are you having another kid?” have cranked up yet again.

Come now folks, I love babies just as much as the next woman (who loves babies) but I have developed a great appreciation for a particular group of babies – other people’s babies. I look back at baby pictures of J quite lovingly, remembering the days when his schedule merely consisted of eating, sleeping, pooping and repeating. He is quick to tell me now that he’s “not a little baby” but “a big boy” whenever I show them to him. As much as you all (try to) bully me into yet another mini-me (a girl as you all keep insisting), I find myself without the urge to go back to that baby stage. It was pretty stressful from the very beginning. While I have an amazing village, I’m not looking down that road – and neither is my bank account.

I must admit, I enjoyed him as a baby but as a little kid I’m having a damn good time in comparison. For starters, he can hold a conversation! He wants to touch, see, hear and explore pretty much EVERYTHING. I love when he stumps me with questions, and believe me there is no shortage of those. While I would rather not die in the middle of the night with my obituary reading “… died tragically, at the mercy of a Lego dinosaur…”, his creativity and imagination astound me every single day.

Last night at bedtime, my father quietly (but not quietly enough) whispered into J’s ear asking him if he wanted a little sister. While my father is obviously enjoying being a grandparent, he is not to be encouraged. It’s kinda like not feeding the wild animals in your backyard – they will get ideas. Fortunately J simply rolled over and went back to sleep, as my sister couldn’t decide whether to look horrified or fall over laughing. She ended up with something in between. Thanks, Fran -_-.

So folks, I love you all and you love us both, but no. It’s not happening. Remember the dog.



2 thoughts on “Tis the season for irritating questions…

    • disturbedafterdark says:

      Please note, good sir, that use of that word was intentionally avoided mostly because life is what happens when you’re busy making plans 😉

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