The psychology of doors…

So I had a moment a little while ago. No, not one of those. This was more like an epiphany. You ever seen any of those photo spreads where pets and their owners really look alike? They are out there on the interwebs somewhere, I’m just too lazy to look right now. And for the record, if I ever start to look like my dog, I will be consulting the finest plastic surgeon around. No droopy jowls for me. But I digress…

So I’m in the family room with the air conditioning on… In case you missed it, the temperature in Jamaica right now is akin to the 9th circle of hell. Anyway, I hear a noise at the door and there is my dear dog with his nose pressed up against the glass. I call to him to come into the room. He makes a lame attempt to push the door with his nose and ends up back at staring pitifully at me as if I’ve locked him outside in a storm.

Let me explain why he’s pitiful. From time to time we have to put him in the house to drive the cars out through the gate, mostly when the street is busy e.g. When the garbage truck is doing pickups. He’s a handful and the last thing I need is for him to attempt a road trip on his own (again). He’s developed the skill of OPENING the closed door to get out at times like this. As in unless I lock the door with the key, all 130lbs of bull mastiff will come barreling down the driveway hell bent on hitting the road. So explain to me why he is sitting here like a lost puppy in the face of a door that has no lock, no handle… It merely swings?

This is where I try to make a point.

I’m learning how to close doors. I’m particularly good at prying open even the ones I know should remain locked, for all eternity. But, I’m learning. It’s almost a giddy feeling of accomplishment knowing that I can close a door, lock it, toss the key and skip away annoyingly.

Then I become like my dog. There’s a door with no lock, opens freely with almost no effort. But he just sits there staring through the glass, wondering what’s on the other side. Just like his person. I’m his person. Is he just like me? Is he afraid of what’s on the other side, or is he actually content lying there soaking up the cool air wafting under the unlocked door?

It’s hard to say. There are new doors everyday. Some you can just push and walk on through. Others take some effort, often less than you imagine (or freak yourself out about), even when you can see the other side.

I guess I’m just telling myself to take a deep breath and a proverbial leap of faith… And push open that door…


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