Codename: Tooth Fairy

Yes… it’s a moment. Moving right along… The child has now lost 2 teeth in the space of 5 weeks. We are both going to the dentist tomorrow, mummy’s cleaning in solidarity for his check up and constant question “is the dentist going to hurt me?” .. that’s where my sympathy ends. Let me tell you about my new covert mission as the Tooth Fairy.

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We’ve just finished  a whirlwind few weeks of Lego summer camp and learn-to-swim camp. He’s quite proud of his new aquatic abilities and his confidence in the water is through the roof.  I’m a bit Lego’d out, but all in all, I’m very proud of him and the way he took on his summer activities without a fuss and barely a “see you later mummy”.

Now losing teeth, I don’t have a baby anymore. This big kid (who will not stop talking, even when he is asleep) is practically new to me every day. *pauses for Kleenex* Of course I am freaking out, isn’t this supposed to happen at 6 or 7?? I’ve been advised not to worry, mostly because he had a full set by his 1st birthday. What a previous child…

Second day of swim camp… I get to the house to pick him up and he’s shouting at me to look at his “toof”. I’m thinking he’s fallen on his face (again) and broken a tooth. At almost 5, he’s already had 2 trips to the emergency room after falling on his face, one requiring stitches. His eye/foot coordination leaves a lot to be desired. *facepalm* Bottom row, right in the middle.. no tooth. Apparently he was chewing on something, felt it shaking and pulled it out. He calmly handed it to his nanny, who in her own special way, began to freak out. Fast forward to 2 days ago…

I get home from work around 4:30pm relishing the thought that the following day is a public holiday. The missing tooth from last month has already started growing in, and he tells me about it EVERY DAY. So when he runs to the door to greet me with telling me about his tooth I had no idea he was in fact showing me that the one beside it was now also gone. Now for the magic question – where is it?

Apparently the nanny/gardener tag team of interrogation bore absolutely no fruit in locating said missing tooth. So I sat beside him and asked him what happened.

I was biting the Lego pieces that stuck and my toof came out. – The Kid

I was a slacker on the first tooth and the whole tooth fairy business, so naturally I was determined to work it this time. So off we went in search of the tooth. Into mummy’s room. In a corner. “I was standing right here and it fell on the floor” … 20 minutes of crawling on the floor later, I had all but given up. As I got up to turn and leave the room, I stepped on (you guessed it) the missing tooth.

*skip ahead to bed time*

It’s after 9pm. I’m exhausted. I turn to Netflix and a movie of his choice in bed while waiting for the “Tooth Fairy”. Now my sister got me to make him “tooth fairy money” – a note with the shape of a tooth in glitter – proof that it came from the tooth fairy and not mummy’s purse. Go figure. So we wrap the tooth in a tissue, stick it under the pillow, and snuggle down to watch Lilo & Stitch (judge me, I love that fluffy little blue alien). I’m awakened by the touch of little hands on my eyelids and a voice telling me the movie is over. At 11pm, I open my eyes and he notices, only to respond by lifting the pillow and pointing to the tissue – “the toof fairy hasn’t come yet” … Just like Santa – he WILL NOT accept that he has to go to sleep first. I opted for another movie, and bless the stars he was out like a light after 15 minutes of Monsters Inc.

*makes the swap*

6AM: “MUMMY THE TOOF FAIRY LEFT ME A MONEY” while jumping on the bed and waving a $100 bill (Jamaican money, less than a US dollar *sigh*).

He showed it to his grandfather and the dog. Called his grandmother and told her about it. Then put it on the nightstand and went about building something with Lego. I still want to sleep.

This tooth fairy business is hard work. I give thanks that dressing up in a tutu with wings and such did not end up being a requirement of the job. Pray for my sanity at the dentist tomorrow, please?

I did finally convince him to put it in his piggy bank this morning. After which he asked how he was going to show it to people.

*deep breath and a glass of wine*


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