Proof of Life, The Post 5th Birthday Edition…

… quick Hi.

Wassup, we’re alive, he’s 5, we survived.

Yes folks, the child just turned 5. While you sit there saying with me (all together now) “when the hell did that happen?” I ask your forgiveness as I continue my chik-V recovery (tell you bout that later.. it’s been a hell of a time the past 2 months) and recovery from his Angry Birds birthday party.

Special love and hugs to Kristine for the AMAZING printables – invites, decorations, all sorts of awesome Angry Birds stuff. Special love to Aunty Ingrid – she knows the method to my madness. Hugs to my dad, aunt and uncle… you guys buy ice and stack chairs like no professionals ever could lol… I love you guys.

And last but not least, to his Dad for helping me pull off a birthday party that was enjoyed by all (I hope)… and who is currently hogging the photos he took which is why I don’t have any to share just now… *hint hint*


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