2015… Ok, let’s go…

Hi Folks… I’ll save you my usual “omg it’s another year already?!” rant… let’s just get to it because I’ve given up on trying to keep track of the days, weeks, months, whatevers anymore. He’s this big kid, and my bones creak more than they used to – and here we are, welcome to 2015. Let’s start it off with my new favourite (and at the same time, least favourite) activity – homework.

I’ve never been a fan of homework, so you can imagine my joy at the fact that Kindergarten has homework EVERY DAY. With extras on weekends. I’m also questioning where I got this kid because he actually LOVES homework. This is the point where I stop my moaning and count my blessings and pray to every possible deity that this keeps up until at least the end of high school.

He’s at the independence stage – the “I can do it by myself!” phase. It’s almost a moment of defeat when he decides it’s necessary to quietly ask for help. Hopefully he realizes (I’m trying) that asking for help when you need it isn’t a bad thing. Back to the homework – his sense of accomplishment when he’s gotten through his writing, his math, his reading – by himself – is so palpable you can’t help but smile, high five and celebrate with him. It didn’t start this way…

I can’t disown him when it comes to this. He’s a creature of habit, and thrives in an environment of routine. Just like his mother. He gets flustered and disoriented (and cranky) when the habits are sidetracked and the routines disrupted. Just like his mother. We didn’t start this term off so well, actually forgetting to do our homework (yes, our) on the first day of school. We broke our routine over the Christmas break but thankfully it only took us one more night to get back into it and now it’s smooth sailing. Since we’ve (yes, us both) been in Kindergarten, here’s how we managed to get into a homework routine:

  • We don’t have a designated “homework spot” but we are together in close proximity. When he’s a little bigger I’ll get him his own desk and chair, but for now it’s the kitchen table or the table in the family room. Both have space for him to spread out and get his work done. The kitchen table is preferred and typically used while I’m making dinner. It works for me too since I can go back and forth between what I’m doing and his work to check in (read: keep him focused) and give help.
  • We made a “homework box”. One of my old shoe boxes (yes, it’s hot pink but it’s easy to spot when he puts it somewhere it doesn’t belong) has become the toolbox for all things homework. Pencils, eraser, a sharpener, crayons, safety scissors, glue, etc etc – you get it – Angry Birds themed, of course. Everything we need for whatever assignment his teachers send our way. He knows when it’s homework time to grab his homework box and we are ready to go.
  • This one is more recent, but timing is everything. If I’m late from work, he’s near unconscious and homework will not happen. So I’ve encouraged him to get his homework done before he gets to playing and TV after school. I figure this is good practice for when he’s older, but it is taking some getting used to on his part. I overdo the celebration when I get home and look it over and work on his reading with him. It seems to be working – maybe we need some sort of “touchdown dance” now…

We’ve just done our addition homework, including an argument that those were racoons and not cats. We’ve done our assigned reading and finished yet another reading book – he’s doing REALLY well 😀 Wwe’ve written way too many ‘L’s and destroyed a magazine because he thought the Lady had pretty Lips. Along with a log, a ladder, a lamp and a lightbulb.

Happy New Year, folks. The adventures continue…


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