Kitchen Experiments: Tasting a memory…

A few weekends ago I put up the Christmas tree and decided to tackle the daunting task of baking my Grandmother’s Christmas puddings. I was clearly feeling my strength, for I had NO idea what I was in for – especially when I got to the part of the recipe that called for 15 eggs and a bucket. Continue reading

Blueberry Pie

Kitchen Experiments: Blueberry Pie & Banana Bread

Ignore my poor lattice weaving job -_-

Having learned the best time of day to make pie crust from scratch in my new kitchen, I’ve discovered it’s also quite therapeutic at 7 on a Sunday morning in your pyjamas. Since the blueberry was unfortunately shelved during the last pie adventure, I figured it was time and it deserved its due. Continue reading

Kitchen Experiments: Cherry Pie

New responsibilities, new post category 🙂 Figured I’d share the journey in all it’s yumminess – welcome to Kitchen Experiments.

Since recently moving into my grandparents’ house, I have been tasked with reviving a tradition which has been dormant since Gram’s passing. Sunday evenings are reserved for hanging out on the patio, corny jokes and whatever sweet treat Grams has whipped up that weekend. A few Sundays ago, I jumped in with both feet and a lot of hope. Once I had the oven figured out with the night of triple chocolate brownies, I used the confidence boost to attempt something I’d never made before. Continue reading