I don’t like Summer Vacation…

… and I fully appreciate why my mother hated it when I was a kid. Ever since 12noon on July 1st, I’ve been waiting for the new school year. It’s been a huge mash up of playing taxi driver and feeling inadequate. What a combination. Continue reading


About a week ago…

This time last Monday I dropped J to school, as I do every Monday morning. I walked him to his class, micromanaged as he put away his lunchbox and took out his homework, forgot to put up his backpack, went back and did it. Then I kissed him good bye, as I always do. Then I went and checked into the hospital. Continue reading

Keeping up with the kid…

This is how I’ve been feeling since school started earlier this month.

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More pressure and responsibility at work, the kid in “big school” with a full day schedule – coffee is my friend. Special shout out to my new favourite – Whitfield Hall Blue Mountain Coffee – it keeps me going during his schedule and mine. It’s funny how the days can feel longer when going through the motions of handling responsibilities. Continue reading

What’s your name?

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I had a moment this morning with another parent at school that would have been awkward, maybe even embarrassing, two years ago. This morning it was just run of the mill. Continue reading


In true 5 year old style, J has a way with words. In other words, he has his own versions as the title suggests. I try not to laugh while attempting to offer gentle corrections, but I often give up e.g. Destickable Me. You can figure it out. Today’s word is brought to you courtesy of Gramma giving J a fish tank. Thanks Mum *side eye* Continue reading