Talk to Me…

.. This one is my new mantra with the kid. I’ve reluctantly accepted he’s at the stage of many new feelings and very little clue of how to handle them. So lately I hear myself saying all too often “talk to me baby, tell mummy how you’re feeling”.

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The magic of takeout…

… So after yesterday’s post I’ve been a bit tightly wound. It’s been a stressful time at work and at home lately and to top it off little one has been sick. I would like to thank the Universe for the infinite wisdom of having Gramma take charge of the little one and the dinner invite from my literal oldest (read longest known) friend.

We all have a friend who is always in your heart, even if not always in your presence. Our parents were friends before we were ever born and we lived next door to each other fresh from the womb. Graffiti and school hi jinks aside, we’ve always been a curious mirror of each other. He is that friend who magically appears at moments in life when one or the other is having a moment. Just like he appeared that night at the hospital when J was born.

We haven’t spoken or seen each other in months, but a feeling and a phone call made for a quiet evening of Chinese takeout and “what’s going on with you?”. It is refreshing to have friends you can always learn from and have a calming effect, no matter the turmoil in your soul at the time. Despite the challenges we both currently face, mutual acceptance of the people we are as well as unwavering support (including the obligatory bullshit call outs) will always be what I treasure most. We’ve both been on very interesting personal journeys and being able to sit and share the ups and the downs is priceless.

Friends who are family. Treasure them, love them, support them and honour them as the lights in the darkness. In silly and serious. The challenges are still there, but that understanding and encouragement is probably the best gift friends can give each other in this life. Love you… One foot in front of the other.

My Jamaica – Perseverance or Futility?

You’ve got to be used to my emotional rantings by now, especially after a period of absence. I assure you this will be no different. So I’ve just finished reading the transcript of Obama’s speech for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the march at Selma. I’m an absolute wreck right now, bear with me. Continue reading

14 Things Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand

Yeah… The title should be “ME”. Thanks to the writer for putting it into words.

14 Things Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand.


Pardon my dust…

… as you can probably tell (or maybe not) I’m changing stuff (again lol). So please pardon me while I move stuff around (yet again)…